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He is kind of stuck with it and feels rather soggy about the whole thing. But he is not interested in it anymore. Well, he gets out of that, and decides he is going to be a piano player. That is the thing to be—a piano player. He is very interested in being a piano player. He takes one lesson, two lessons, three lessons, and he meets a couple of other piano players. The next thing you know he is not even interested in the piano anymore. He quits, he is through. He doesn’t take it up any further. He decides he is not so successful in that particular field and the best thing for him to do is to become something completely out of this world, something he is tremendously enthusiastic about: He is going to be a painter.

He gets to the point where he learns how to clean a brush and he quits. What has he quit for? This is a very important thing because any person has quit just like this in various parts of life. He has quit time after time.

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